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How my thatching jobs are priced

The general impression is that thatching is an expensive technique. To put it into perspective, the thatcher will spend many weeks hand crafting a bespoke roof, using expensive natural materials. His skill and ability will leave a roof that will last several generations, and bring happiness and comfort to those who dwell beneath it. The price for all this is usually cheaper than a new family car, which may last only a handful of years. House prices, especially for the more desirable types of properties which are often thatched, have risen sharply over the years while the cost of thatching has only modestly increased. Thus the cost of a thatched roof is a smaller percentage of the property price than ever before, making it even more worthwhile-a good quality thatched roof will add extra value to your home.

The price of a roof is determined by the area it covers, with features such as windows costing a little more. A ridge is priced by its length. You will find that top quality Master Thatchers tend to charge a broadly similar price, while some of the larger thatching companies offer cheaper rates. Bear in mind, as with much in life, you get what you pay for. Cheaper rates often means less skilled labour, inferior materials or lower standards.

Quotations and estimates are free and there is no VAT charge on my work.

All my work carries a guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Nick Walker


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