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Here is a selection of some of the services I am able to provide. Each property is different, so please contact me for advice and a no-obligation free estimate.

Complete Re-thatch

A complete re-thatch entails a totally new coat of thatch, including all roof elevations and a new ridge. In the case of reed this consists of stripping off the existing roof, and with long straw stripping back to a suitable base layer. The new thatch is applied, topped with a new ridge cut to an agreed patterned and securely netted with galvanised wire mesh.


The ridge is the patterned section at the apex of the roof. I can offer either a block cut ridge with a cut out pattern of your choice or with a long straw roof a flush ridge is an option. During the process, the main thatch will be cleaned, repaired and re-dressed, leaving the roof looking as good as new.


Certain areas of roofs tend to wear more quickly than others, such as valleys or windows. With careful repairs the life span of your roof can be considerably prolonged, in many cases enough to last the lifetime of another ridge.

Thatched property

Fire Retardant Applications

While the thatch is stripped from your roof, I am able to offer a choice of fire barrier to be applied to the rafters, and then thatched on top of. I can use either solid fire proof board, which works excellently on even, level rafters of more modern buildings, or a flexible fire proof membrane which suits the more undulating rafters of many of the houses in Norfolk and Suffolk. Fire barrier usually adds around 10% to 15% to the overall cost of a roof, but this may well be offset by reduced insurance fees, as well as gaining extra peace of mind.

Bespoke Projects

Examples would include pergolas, shelters, even something as small as a bird table.

Talks and Demonstrations

If you are a member of a group, local history for example, interested in thatching and its history, or would like to see how thatching is done, then please get in touch.

Inspection and Advice

Insurance companies will often request a written report on the condition of the roof every five years. I can make a site visit and carry out an inspection, then provide a detailed written report to be forwarded to your insurance company. In addition to inspection and advice about your roof, regular maintenance checks can also be arranged.

Thatched ridge


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